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we live in a world where 100 million people are homeless, 1.6 billion people lack adequate housing and 200 million people live in extreme poverty devoid of proper food and educational facilities.

we live in a world where communal violence is widespread , religion has become an instrument for war and the journey towards peace has become ever-ending which we all seek for.

we live in a world where  countries are fighing over water (even though it constitutes 71% of the earth’s surface),global warming is posing a serious threat and so many species are getting extinct.

we live in a world where human values are degrading, ethicality is loosing its meaning and material gains is what we all aim for.

if we compare our daily problem in light of such issues , we will find that our problem occupies a place of a small dot and ironically we give so much of importance to that dot that we forget the bigger issues lying in from of us.Our life is actually quite simple yet we make it complicated.


We are all one

How delicious it is!!
Sweet and juicy, oh so yummy;
Having different colours and sizes,
fruits in different seasons enjoy we.
We love the form as it is and
forbid adulterations
Cause its originality adds to its taste.

Just like fruits –
Whether small as cherry or big as pumpkin,
Fair as peach or dark as plum,
Tall as banana or short as mango ,
Man are of different shapes and sizes.
God has made variety for His every creations,
Then why do we forget that even we are His creation?
Why cant our uniquesness be accepted
And Pureness of our souls be reflected,
Instead of categorising each other
Why cant we generalise ourselves as ‘humans’?


1) There is nothing like school friends.The love and bonding that you share with them is priceless.

2) family comes first . Never ever neglect your family.

3) life is much better when your mom is your best friend.

4) you cannot hold on to people, so if they want to walk out of your life ,let them.

5) you should never be afraid of being alone.Love your own company.

6) money cannot buy happiness but it does buy those things which makes you happy.

7) there will always be few people who will talk about you behind your back.Ignore them.

8) you cannot make eveyone happy.

9) never depend on anyone for your happiness.

10) it doesnot matter what people think of you, what matters is what you think of yourself.

11) life is not as simple as it is shown in the movies.

12) love yourself.It doesnot matter whether you are dark,fair,fat,thin,short or tall.

13) Those moments of fun and enjoyment spent with your cousins is countless.

14)Its not guaranteed whether your prayer will be answered or not but it will definitely make you feel better.

15) expectations hurt.

16)Its better to talk less but talk sense.

17) donot define yourself by the opinion of others.

18) meditate daily.It works wonders.

19) people will take you in a wrong way.No matter what your intentions are or what you actually meant.Let it be.

20) there are people who might not be that much attached to you as you are with with.You cannot do anything about it.

21)Indulge in not procastinate.

22) you can always have fun without alcohol.


It’s good to cry

Ever since we were a child,we were always taught that crying was synonymous to the weak.Our parents always asked us to wipe our tears and behave like strong and concrete individuals.However I feel that crying or letting your emotions flow away is actually a great thing.When we don’t cry our emotions gets pent up in our body in form of stress, tension ,anxiety etc and eventually it takes the form of some illness like gastric and heart related problems.Thus shedding your emotions is very vital.It also shows that you are strong enough to not hide how you feel and trust me it takes a lot of strenght to do so.




1)today is going to be a great day
2)I can handle more than I think
3)I have been given endless talents which I will utilise from today
4)I’m going to make someone happy today
5)there is always something to be happy about
6)I am the best

Why cry over something that you can’t change?


No matter how much life draws you back ,it will definitely shoot you far ahead than you could have ever imagined.Patience and belief is what you need to make it through-Patience ,for the hard time to pass and belief,that It will pass.Whatever has happened to you was meant to happen to you for your spiritual upliftment.The amount of pain that you had encountered couldnot have been more or less,but the amount which was necessary for you to grow.People come to our lives for a reason and leave for a reason,so never be dependant on someone else for happiness.

Hello people

Through the medium of my blog “coffee break” i want to empower all those people,all those sould who are finding themselves stuck amidst the daily drama of life.Life is actually very simple and all are problems are actually of a size of a dot ,so small and so minute.However we devote so much of time to all our worries thatvthey start occupying a larger part of our mind. People think problems are a set back and they forget that every problem has a solution.

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